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Articles – Gentrification

"Gentrifiers Want To Rename Harlem Area ‘SoHa’ And Residents Are Pissed", Taryn Finley In: Huffington Post, 26.5.2017 Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gentrifiers-want-to-rename-harlem-area-soha_us_592830a5e4b0df34c35b7e0c Accessed: 27.5.2017


Articles – Psychogeography

Why Cities Should Embrace “Psychogeography” BY KINDER INSTITUTE · DECEMBER 28, 2015 Ryan Holeywell | @RyanHoleywell | December 28, 2015 Colin Ellard is a Toronto-based neuroscientist who studies how our bodies and minds respond to different environments. The biggest tool at his disposal: his Urban Realities Laboratory, which lets him use virtual reality to create places and track … Continue reading Articles – Psychogeography

Theory – Urban Realities Laboratory, University of Waterloo

Welcome to Urban Realities Laboratory Join us at the Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto for "Psychology on the Street: Psycho-geographic exploration of urban life". A fantastic opportunity to explore how the urban environment influences our psychology. In our laboratory, we study the impact of urban design on human psychology.  We employ a wide variety of methods ranging from … Continue reading Theory – Urban Realities Laboratory, University of Waterloo

Events – Metropolis 2017, 26 Jun 2017

Metropolis 2017 Date 26 Jun 2017, 13:00 to 29 Jun 2017, 13:00 Institute Institute of Modern Languages Research Type Summer School Venue Woburn Suite, G22/26, Ground Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU Description Keynote speakers: Erica Carter (King’s College London); Ruth Dawson (Hawaii/IMLR); Matthew Gandy (Cambridge); Esther Leslie (Birkbeck College, London); Martin Swales … Continue reading Events – Metropolis 2017, 26 Jun 2017

Articles – Psychogeography

"Power to the psychogeographers", Simon Parker In: The Guardian, 22 Feb 2002 Source: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2002/feb/22/urbandesign.architecture Accessed: 31.10.2016 Power to the psychogeographers The ideas of a group of French radicals are enjoying a revival as planners seek to involve the public in designing their own cities. Simon Parker reports ----- Those who think of the Situationists at all … Continue reading Articles – Psychogeography