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Art or Atrocity?

  • Side note: Etymology
    adjective (feminine singular atra, masculine plural atri, feminine plural atre)
    dark, black
    bleak, brooding
  • Atro-City?


Oasia Downtown, Singapore by WOHA (Singapore-based architecture practice, established in 1994 by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell; click here for more information about WOHA)

The hotel-in-the-tower has sprouted ever taller since the Waldorf Astoria relocated to a 47-storey skyscraper in 1931; this was the tallest example of the type in the world until Stalin’s Hotel Ukrainia was completed in 1957. In recent years, hotels have become standard anchor tenants of skyscraper developments, hollowing out their tips as plunging atria. These have, however, been sealed volumes – until WOHA designed a hotel for Singapore, its upper reaches a huge cylindrical trellis …

In: The Architectural Review, 8 August 2017 by Tom Wilkinson


Link to picture:×280/2/0/5/3078205_dsc01256.jpg


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Link to picture:×1-A5dvF4JeckfwCKgB/s1600/IMAG2182.jpg

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Link to picture:

Link to picture:

Accessed 08 August 2017


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