Videos – Walking, Writing, Imagining the City

Videos [YouTube]

Search Words:

  • An English Journey Re-imagined with Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore
  • Deep Topography in Leytonstone
  • Iain Sinclair – interview for London Perambulator (Hackney, Psychogeography, Walking)
  • Iain Sinclair – Objects of Obscure Desire (Official Book Trialer)
  • Iain Sinclair and Jonathan Meades in Conversation, Oxford Brookes University, March 2013
  • Iain Sinclair- Ghost Milk – Calling time on the Grand Project
  • Iain Sinclair London Overground – Black Apples interview
  • London on Film – The East End
  • London Perambulator ‘Edgelands’ panel discussion with Will Self, Iain Sinclair & John Rogers.mp4
  • Mysterious London Mounds with Iain Sinclair
  • Scarp – Nick Papadimitriou – In search of London’s Outer Limits
  • The influence of Joyce’s writing on Iain Sinclair’s own style of urban narrative
  • The London Perambulator – short clip – Will Self, Russell Brand, Iain Sinclair

All videos had been accessed on 04.04.2017.


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