Videos – Brutalist Architecture

Videos [YouTube]

Search words

  • Beauty in the Beast Photography of Brutalist Architecture
  • Britain’s Tower Blocks – Dreamspaces – BBC
  • Brutal & Beautiful- What is Brutalism
  • Buildings That Shaped Britain – Modernism – Simon Thurley
  • Clean Lines Open Spaces A view of Mid-Century Modern Architecture (Full Version)
  • Coming to Terms with Modern Times English Architecture in the Post-war Era – Simon Thurley
  • Defensible Space by Oscar Newman feat. Aylesbury Estate & Pruitt-Igoe\
  • Forwards and Backwards – Architecture in Inter-war England – Dr Simon Thurley
  • High Rise Dreams
  • Robin Hood Gardens- Requiem For A Dream
  • The Beauty of Brutalism – BBC News
  • The Man Who Fought the Planners The Story of Ian Nairn

All videos had been accessed on: 04.04.2017


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