Articles – High-Rise (Film), Ben Wheatley (2015)

Articles – High-Rise (Film), Ben Wheatley (2015)

“Vertical Cities: Representations of Urban Verticality in 20th-Century Science Fiction Literature”, Lucy Hewitt and Stephen Graham
In: Urban Studies 52.5 (2015), 923-937.
Accessed on: 29.3.2017

“Nearly Normal: JG Ballard’s High-Rise and the ‘Uncanny Valley'”, Sam Jordison
In: The Guardian – Books, 15 March 2016.
Accessed on: 29.3.2017

“New Film High-Rise Explores The Symbolism and Terror of Tower Living”, Patrick Sisson
In: Curbed, 28 September 2015.
Accessed on: 29.3.2017

Featured Picture: Tower Blocks in High-Rise.
Source (Article): “A Long Way Down: The Nightmare of JG Ballard’s Towering Vision”, Oliver Wainwright
In: The Guardian – Architecture, 13 March 2016 .
Source (Picture):
Accessed on: 29.3.2017


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