Articles – Beckton Alps, London


Beckton Alp, heaped on the rubble of the old gas works, is the battleground where Stanley Kubrick restaged the Vietnam war for Full Metal Jacket. (Palm trees, imported from Spain, choked in dead earth.) The mound, so they say, is pure arsenic. They have stripped away the rubber waffle-texture carpet down which risk-takers used to ski, leaving the blunt alp like a stepped pyramid with a fabulous 360 panorama of London: glittering towers of Docklands, sewage outfall, Upton Park – and, away to the east, the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and the fabulous M25.

“A Circular Story: Walking round London’s M25 became a Bunyanesque pilgrimage for Iain Sinclair”, Iain Sinclair
In: The Guardian – Books. 2003.
Accessed on 27/3/2017

“On Beckton Alp: Iain Sinclair, garbage and ‘obscenery'”, Niall Martin
Accessed on 27/3/2017

“Upriver”, Iain Sinclair
In: London Review of Books, 31.12 (2009), 5-10.
Accessed on 27/3/2017

“Iain Sinclair’s textual Obscenery”, Seale, Kirsten (2007)
In: R. Bond & J. Bavidge (Eds.), City Visions: the Work of Iain Sinclair, 99-107.
Accessed on 27/3/2017

“Introduction”, Niall Martin
In: Iain Sinclair: Noise, Neoliberalism and the Matter of London, London: Bloomsbury, 2015. 14.
Accessed on 27/3/2017

“Breaking the skin of things: Iain Sinclair talks to Colette Meacher about Joycean epiphany, being held at gunpoint, the trashed sublime, narrative leaps, writing things into being, and punk transcendence”
In: Literary London: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London, 3.2 (2005)
Accessed on 27/3/2017
Additional Information, to cite this article:
Iain Sinclair in conversation with Colette Meacher Literary London: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London, Volume 3 Number 2 (September 2005). Online at Accessed on 27/3/2017


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